The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer represents a new concept of economic training for pilots!
Built on the solid pedigree of our extensive product line-up, the ALPHA TRAINER combines quality with a fantastic price tag. Affordable flying with no performance set-backs is now here!
It is an affordable two-seat composite aircraft which combines the Pipistrel quality, high-tech manufacturing and ease of use with a fantastic price. Powered by the Rotax 912 80 HP engine it burns only 2.5 US gal of ordinary mogas fuel per hour.

Alpha Trainer Technical Data:


max power(with 2 carb.)



wing span



wing area

rudder area

tail area

aspect ratio

positive flaps

center of gravity


empty weight

max take off weight (MTOW)

Payload with full fuel

fuel tanks capacity

useful fuel


stall with flaps

stall without flaps

cruising speed (75% power)

max. horizontal speed 


max speed with flaps down

manoeuvring speed

best climb speed

max climb rate ( 450 kg)

best glide ratio speed

best glide (prop. 90 deg.)

take off run ( 450 kg)

take off over 15 m obstacle (450 kg)

service ceiling ( 450 kg)

45° - 45° roll time

fuel consum. at cruis. speed

endurance (std tanks)

range distance

range distance

max load factor permitted ( x 1,8)

design safety factors & tested 


 80 hp at 5800 rpm

Fixed pitch wooden 63"/ 1620 mm diameter propeller with protected leading edge 

 34,4 ft (10,5 m)

21.33 ft (6.5 m)

6.07 ft (2.05 m)

96.6 sq.ft (9.51 m2)

11.8 sq.ft (1.1 m2)

11.6 sq.ft (1.08 m2)


0°, 15°, 25°

20% - 38% MAC

615 lbs (279 kg)

1212 lbs (550 kg)

507 lbs (230 kg)

13,2 US gal (50 l)

12,7 US gal (48 l)


37 kts

43 kts

108 kts

120 kts

135 kts

70 kts

86 kts

75 kts

1,220 fpm

64 kts


459 feet

738 feet

18,000 feet

2,6 sec

3.6 US gph (13.6 lph)

3,1 hours

3,1 hours

324 NM (600 km)

+4 g - 2 g

minimum 1.875

The name “Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer” describes the exact purpose of this exciting new aircraft designed for flying schools. The aircraft has been engineered with the "essence of training" as its primary design goal; training has to start somewhere, just like the alphabet starts with the letter “A” therefore this new aircraft bears the name ALPHA. 

The times have been changing, but the ailing economy doesn't mean that people need to stop learning to fly. Most aircraft are too expensive for the average person or flight school to purchase, but Pipistrel has developed an entirely new approach to flight training and at a cost nearly half that of our competitors.

The new ALPHA Trainer is packed with some exciting features! Not only it is affordable to purchase, it is also very economical to maintain and fun to fly! In fact, we believe that no other LSA training aircraft offers as low operation costs as the new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer! 

Looking at the features, quality, performance and economy, the new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer represents the best value in a composite aircraft in either USA LSA or EU UL class for the training market. When deciding on the ALPHA Trainer, be aware that you are purchasing a full-featured, fully equipped aeroplane, ready to operate on the flight line with no hidden costs or small print. 


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