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Panthera has been designed from the very beginning to be available with either electric motor, hybrid propulsion or petrol engine. The latter demands a decision for the type of fuel. Pipistrel decided for Mogas due to lower price and better availability than Avgas.

The first choice of engine was the Lycoming IO-390, but we received the news that it will never be certified for Mogas. Due to this decision we were forced to switch to IO-540-V, which is already certified also for the Mogas, even though the Panthera does not need a stronger engine. Since it doesn't need this additional power, it will fly at very low power settings and consumption will consequentially stay more or less the same as with the IO-390 model, but the IO-540 260 hp option will provide a significant performance improvement. 

Panthera Technical Data

Panthera expPanthera exp & certPanthera Hybrid expPanthera Electro exp
CategoryUtility (+4.4 g, -1.76 g)Utility (+4.4 g, -1.76 g)Utility (+4.4 g, -1.76 g)Utility (+4.4 g, -1.76 g)
Powerplant Lycoming IO-390 Lycoming IO-540V Hybrid 200 KW take-off powerHybrid 200 KW take-off power
Rated Power 210 HP 260 HP

200 KW (150 KW continuous)
Maximum cruise power 100 KW

200 KW (150 KW continuous)
Maximum cruise power 100 KW

MTOM1315 kg / 2900 lbs1315 kg / 2900 lbs1315 kg / 2900 lbs1315 kg / 2900 lbs
Useful payload545 kg / 1200 lbs500 kg / 1100 lbs415 kg / 915 lbsTBD
Total useable fuel2x 105 l / 2x 27.7 gal2x 105 l / 2x 27.7 gal2x 105 l / 2x 27.7 galn/a
Full fuel payload395 kg / 870 lbs350 kg / 770 lbs265 kg / 585 lbsn/a
Wing span10.86 m / 35 ft 8 in10.86 m / 35 ft 8 in10.86 m / 35 ft 8 in10.86 m / 35 ft 8 in
Length8.07 m / 26 ft 6 in8.07 m / 26 ft 6 in8.07 m / 26 ft 6 in8.07 m / 26 ft 6 in
Height2.19 m / 7 ft 2 in2.19 m / 7 ft 2 in2.19 m / 7 ft 2 in2.19 m / 7 ft 2 in
Wing area11.2 m2/ 121 sqft11.2 m2/ 121 sqft11.2 m2/ 121 sqft11.2 m2/ 121 sqft

Stall speed (flaps extended)60 KIAS60 KIAS60 KIAS60 KIAS
Stall speed (flaps retracted)65 KIAS65 KIAS65 KIAS65 KIAS
Rotation speed at MTOM60 KIAS60 KIAS60 KIAS60 KIAS
Maneuvering speed Va143 KIAS143 KIAS143 KIAS143 KIAS
Maximum structural cruise speed Vc175 KIAS175 KIAS175 KIAS175 KIAS
Never exceed speed Vne220 KIAS220 KIAS220 KIAS220 KIAS
Maximum horizontal speed187 KTAS203 KTAS212 KTAS, FL 150212 KTAS, FL 150
Perf. cruise speed at 75% power181 KTAS, FL 80198 KTAS, FL 80177 KTAS, FL 150 TBD
Eco. cruise speed at 65% power173 KTAS, FL 120193 KTAS, FL 120N/ATBD
Climb rate at MTOM and 105 KIAS6.1 m/s / 1200 fpm7.9 m/s / 1550 fpm5.8 m/s / 1150 fpm5.8 m/s / 1150 fpm
Take off run365 m295 m290 m290 m
Take-off distance (50 ft obst.)670 m540 m530 m530 m
Approach speed80 KTAS80 KTAS80 KTAS80 KTAS
Landing distance (50 ft obst.)570 m570 m570 m570 m
Consumption at Performance cruise speed46 l/hour56 l/hourTBDTBD
Consumption at Economy cruise speed35 l/hour46 l/hourTBDTBD
Range with 45 min reserve> 1000 nm, 155 KTAS, FL 120,
4 people aboard (4x 86 kg)
> 1000 nm, 155 KTAS, FL 120,
4 people aboard (4x 86 kg)
> 1000 nm, 155 KTAS, FL 120TBD
Ceiling6100 m / FL 2007600 m / FL 2506100 m / FL 200TBD


The sky has opened-up like never before and borders are falling every day. The need of traveling long distance, quickly and efficiently has never been greater. Yet, who likes to be stuck at a big airport, going through long lines of security check to board the aeroplane to the point of call? Imagine a fast yet extremely economic aeroplane, which can take you and your friends, colleagues or business partners anywhere you want, whenever you want. Imagine an aeroplane, that can fully take advantage of small, short-runway airfields that bring you closer than ever to your destination and open a whole new world of opportunities.

 An aeroplane, designed meticulously to keep you safe, comfortable, is quiet and friendly to the environment.

An innovative aeroplane, which instantly catches attention. Your quiet, high performance bubble of safety, your personal time machine. 

Project Story

Years ago, people said it is impossible to produce an aircraft light and streamlined enough to be safe and efficient. We did it. 
People said it is impossible to fly around the World in a small aeroplane without assistance. We did it. 

People also said it is impossible to produce an aircraft fast enough and efficient enough to be successful at the NASA Centennial Challenges. We went ahead and did what nobody did before – we won the NASA Challenges twice. Now they say it is impossible to make a practical electric-powered aircraft presently. We did it already back in 2007 with the first electric two-seater in the World. Clearly we see and do things differently and have a pioneering vision.

Now, with a quarter of a century of experience, we are presenting a fast, safe, quiet and comfortable aeroplane, which can use runways shorter than ever before and go the full distance with four people aboard. An aeroplane, which is ready for the future and consumes 40% less fuel while going faster, further. This is our idea how a modern, four seat CS/FAR-23 certified aeroplane should be like. Panthera is making it a reality.


Panthera achieves unprecedented efficiency through careful aerodynamic shaping, retractable titanium undercarriage, lightweight advanced composite structure, a tailor made propeller and a dedicated performance exhaust system. Efficiency does not only reflect itself in a low fuel consumption of just 10 gallons per hour at 200 kts, but is translated directly into more speed for the same power. No other four seat aircraft exists that flies this fast on the same engine! For the owner/operator this represents significantly lower operating costs and simplified maintenance.

The 1000 NM range is available with any payload, something which pilots of four seat aeroplanes have been wishing for. Robust design of the undercarriage and low overall weight allows for operations from short grass strips, taking you as close as possible to your desired destination. The engine is ready for the future, able to accept unleaded fuels and meeting the future environmental requirements. Hybrid and electric models further reduce the take-off noise footprint by taking advantage of the pure-electric take-off.


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