The four seater cross country airplane

computer tools, where each detail is designed to ensure minimum drag and maximum efficiency. This allowed for Panthera to be designed and flown in a virtual environment with a great degree of accuracy even before the first component was produced.

Alpha Trainer

Designed for training

In cooperation with Pipistrel we have developed an entirely new aircraft, a completely new approach to flight training and at a cost nearly half that of our competitors.


All in one airplane!

Sinus ultralight motorglider combines a true sense of a motorglider with unprecedented efficiency during powered and long-range cruise flight. 

Alpha Electro

2 seater electic trainer

Performance of the Alpha Electro 2-seat electric trainer is tailored to the needs of flight schools. Short take-off distance, powerful 1000+ fpm climb, and endurance of one hour plus reserve. 


The double NASA winner

The Virus SW 80/100 is the most economic high speed cruiser and definitely the fastest high-wing aeroplane in its category. Virus SW 80/100 offers what no competitor is able to offer.


Pipistrel special operating program

The best aircraft for special services such as: infrared and classic aerial video and photography, 3D terrain mapping, surveillance, sea and border patrol, power/pipeline monitoring and more...


Taurus M is the only two-seat glider with a 15-meter wing-span

Taurus M is the World’s first side-by-side ultralight powered glider! It offers complete freedom and independence thanks to the retractable engine, double retractable main landing gear, excellent gliding performance, inexpensive maintenance and a well ventilated spacious cockpit.